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2 posts published in August 2015

Trial & error

August 6, 2015

A workshop, training or any kind of course that we organize will eventually come to an end. At that point we should be able to tell if the process was successful, what needs to be or can be improved, or if the participants were satisfied. In order to be able to draw such conclusions we need to start setting up the right framework, that can offer us the information we need from the very beginning of the organizational process of the training.

1. We need to set up goals and objectives. As a...

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Training & Technology

August 10, 2015

To start off simple, let's say that a training (learning) process can be in-class, blended or e-learning based.

Some people might automatically assume that it means the in-class setting does not include the use of technology at all then. To all of those lecturers, teachers and professors, who sit behind their desks quietly reading from a piece of paper as a presentation, the assumption above is not true. For the most part all learning processes could and maybe should include some kind of...

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